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Electronic Antifouling System (AN.FO.R.A)

MEEES offers the service for supplying, installing, testing and commissioning of electronic antifouling system that use the latest technology for this purpose that replaces the conventional antifouling paints that have harmful effects on the marine environment and on humans.

The product we use for this purpose called AN.FO.R.A system from STARTLIGHT company (MEEES is already authorized service center for STARLIGHT) the world first of its kind, Exploits the large capacity of metal hulls and those made of other materials, not to convey effectively a particular type of high-frequency adherent elastic energy .This energy generates around the entire surface of the hull and every equipment connected to it (rudder, propellers. . .). An “adhesions strength” that acts as an impenetrable shield and is actually a anti habitat for marine micro-organisms thereby preventing their anchor and consequent proliferation (fouling).

And below are the most important advantages of the system:

  • Respect for the environment with green anti fouling, as no need to paint antifouling materials on the hull.
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and increase the efficiency.
  • Cost saving on dock and maintenance costs, as no need to do antifouling paint each dry dock, the system is long lasting and cost effective maintenance.
  • Low power consumption and easy installation.
  • Easy for maintenance.
  • One time installation and long lasting system.
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